Hold On

Anyone ever had a month that just drags on and on and ooooooonnnnnnnn.....one little life hassle after another? Silly question you are all living humans; of course you have! You just sit there and think I can't possibly handle another toddler melt down, another house problem, another petty argument with my husband. Than BAM, the … Continue reading Hold On

Mom Guilt

Mom guilt, is defined by google as a feeling of guilt, doubt, anxiousness or uncertainty experienced by a mother when they worry they're failing or falling short of expectations in some way. I've felt the looming mom guilt basically since the day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. That isĀ over 9 years … Continue reading Mom Guilt


In our day-to-day lives there's about a million and one things we (can) worry about, and there's about a million and one things that God is constantly reminding us NOT to worry about. The command "fear not" is given numerous times throughout the bible, I've read the stories, wrote the verses in my journal yet … Continue reading FEAR NOT