My Life’s a Movie

Hello Loves So the last few months it feels like I have been living one of those Life Time movies, you know the cheesy ones that have the married couple and you end of super hating one of them and then throughout the movie they totally change their annoying ways and you end up loving … Continue reading My Life’s a Movie


Let it Go

One major part of my quest this year is to simplify my life. This means de-cluttering my home (even more) organizing what is important and not stressing over the little things. I feel in doing this it will allow me more free time to focus on perusing the desires God has placed on my heart. … Continue reading Let it Go

My Quest

This year I did not make a resolution. Instead I made a quest. I have always had an urge in my heart to run. I've never felt content. I'm always searching for the next big change. Living with this urge I have often thought that something was wrong with me, I always felt I was … Continue reading My Quest