Hands and Feet…I Have Two II

Last week I told you all about how I brought my feelings of lost identity to God and asked him to show me how to be his hands and feet. Through listening to His promptings and becoming more organized with my days He showed me that I am indeed doing His work everyday for my family. Raising tiny humans to be nice people, loving and supporting my husband and taking care of the home He has blessed us with; just to name a few….

Well…. while working on my home and family God presented me with an amazing opportunity to step out in my faith even more (just as I had asked) Sometime in late October I applied to be an Ambassador for an incredible non-profit Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself. ( this organization has always been near and dear to my heart. The founder James Barnett is a MEGA inspiration to me. I jumped on the chance to help out in any way I could. Well time passed and I didn’t hear anything so I assumed I wasnt selected. They were searching for individuals who could help promote their mission of making poverty personal and get at least 10 people every 3 months to support their campaign. I’m not Instagram #famous like at all, we are still trying to find the right church for us and like 12 people read my rambling blog post (thank you for reading by the way) How in the heck would I get 10 people every 3 months anyways….

But, as we know…..

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength -Philippians 4:13

Guess who got a call from James Barnett himself?!?!?! Yeah that’s right ME!!! I literally felt starstruck talking to him on the phone and kept getting tongue tied (some people look up to super stars; I look up to followers of Christ) I got off the phone and was on top of the world! I’ve been  given a chance to spread God’s love to not only my family but stretch out and share it with our neighbors all around the world, by becoming part of the Neighborly team!

YAY!!! right??? It’s such a pain how quickly self-doubt will kick in and steal our joy. How the heck am I going to find 10 people every 3 months who are as crazy passionate about this campaign as me? How do I even begin to grow my social media influence? What if I fail?…..

God is with her she will not fail- Psalm 46:5

You guys, there’s literally a bible verse for like EVERYTHING! Kid you not. I decided not to wallow in my self-doubt and take the plunge! I know that God placed this in my path for a reason, and with His help and from the help of all of you 🙂 I know I can make this happen.

I could go on for pages about why I love this non-profit but I only have nap time to write so I’ll attach links throughout for you to follow. If you have a moment please get to know the heart behind the mission of Clothe Your Neighbor. They don’t let “love thy neighbor” stop at the slightly overweight neighbor who almost never wears a shirt….nope; they spread their love to all our neighbors all around the world. After all we are all children of God. They help people right here in the USA who are transitioning out of homelessness and they provide uniforms for children around the world so they are able to attend school, get an educations that will than lead to a job. By donating to the campaign every 3 months you’re not only giving but empowering people all around the world to fight the war against poverty.

Please join me in this fight! Check out the links I have attached and be inspired! I also have a coupon code for 20% off anything you purchase from their super rad little shop. And in case any of you are wondering I am not getting paid a penny for promoting this organization. My only pay is gratitude in knowing that I helped a child in need today.

If you can’t give finacially that’s totally OK all I ask is you do the most importat thing for me and that is to pray for this terriffic organization! Oh and please hit the share button 🙂

-xo Ashley




By Ashley Voss

Hello and Welcome to my page! My name is Ashley, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful littles Rylee and Kreed. My husband and I started Our Love Story all the way back in the 4th grade. It was a messy ride at times until about 3 years ago. After going through troubled waters we decided to rebuild our entire life on the foundation of Christ. Since then we have been created a beautiful life together. We enjoy working on our little farm house, traveling and camping with our kids and coming up with unique ways to keep on dating all these years later. We have built this life by simply accepting God's grace. I can't wait to share our story with you.

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