My Life’s a Movie

Hello Loves

So the last few months it feels like I have been living one of those Life Time movies, you know the cheesy ones that have the married couple and you end of super hating one of them and then throughout the movie they totally change their annoying ways and you end up loving them both! Then there’s always the witty kid and the cute baby and that one family member that almost dies. This is basically my life right now; only one things missing….there are no writers handing me a script everyday. I actually have to live this!

Oh, before I go on. Grandpa Voss did not die! He’s happy, healthy and still smiling today. Anyways…..

“One day at a time” I can’t count how many times I have heard this expression used yet, I never really understood the meaning up until these past few months when “one day at a time” was the only choice we had…

Our family has is going through some really big and very exciting changes. But, with any change comes the unknown. Over these last few months it could have been very easy for Zach and I to get caught up in the “what ifs” causing us to feel completely overwhelmed, throw in the towel on our dreams and continue living the life that we knew in our hearts wasn’t right for us.

But, we didn’t give up. We took it one day at time. Zach and I have wanted to return back home to Minnesota pretty much since the day we moved to Iowa. It was just one thing after another and It didn’t take us long to realize that this wasn’t the final destination for us. But, Zach had a good job and we were blessed with a lovely home so we decided to stick it out. Life became mondane and before we knew it a giant Iowa shaped wedge grew between us. We needed a change. So we developed a plan to get our lives back on track. And the next day we decided to take a step towards our dream. It was just a small one but that one step lead to the next and the next and before you know it that one little step lead to Zach landing his dream job; which then lead to us purchasing a cutest little hobby farm back in Minnesota.

The End. Roll the credits.

Sounds easy right? (insert emoji laughing face) We’ve definitely experienced our fair share of trials along this journey (this would be the part in the movie where to totally start hating one of us, I’m not going to name names but its a 50/50 shot who it would be) But we tackled each mountain one day at a time. How you ask? COMMUNICATION, we actually started having meaningful conversations with each other again and we were 100% open and honest about everything, dreams, hopes, frustrations, you name it we talk about it. And every evening we sit down and discuss what we can do to make tomorrow better.We are only human and mistakes are made and many tears are shed but we refuse to give up.

I believe that each trial we face there is a lesson to be learned, we could let that trial break us or we could push through and come out on the other side stronger than before. We push! And when we make it through we praised God for giving us the strength we needed. In fact we have pushed through so much that I actually found myself thanking God for the trials we’ve endured because, each one has only made us stronger and brought us closer together in our marriage and in our walk with God. We are not perfect but we are better than we were yesterday. 

This would be the part when you love us both again 🙂


pexels-photo-39811.jpeg“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

How many of you have dreams of a stronger marriage, desires to live a more meaningful life, hopes of a better job, future, health? Probably almost all of you reading. Ok, now what have you done today to bring yourself one step closer to reaching those dreams?

If your answer is nothing than I suggest you too start living one day at a time.


-xo Ashley

One thought on “My Life’s a Movie

  1. Once again,Beautifully written.So happy to hear things are going well.A Minnesotan again you will be!!It is true One Day at a Time.(Good Tattoo).Hoping things continue to go well for you and your Family!!xxoo

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