Hurry Up and Wait….

I waited patiently for the Lord’s help; then he listened to me and heard my cry. (Psalm 40:1)

…..waited patiently, PaTiEnTlY, PATIENTLY! To be totally honest here patience is not a skill listed on my resume. I’m an act now figure the rest out later kind of person I’ve never really had the patience to weigh out every detail. I often make decisions to quickly and get annoyed when the result wasn’t what I had planned in my 30 seconds of thinking it through.  I CAN’T stand slow drivers and get annoyed when the check-out lane at the grocery store takes to long.  Well, as I have learned in my journey with Christ is that He will take our faults and show us how to learn and grow from them.

As many of you know I am 9 months pregnant with my second child 🙂 You may not know that Zach and I tried for almost a year to get pregnant with no results. This put my patients test! I wanted another baby and I wanted it NOW!! We prayed together often to be blessed with another child but after almost a year we decided to no longer talk about the subject of more children and to just go on with life trusting that God had a plan. And as always God came through and his plan was more than we could have ever imagined. It resulted in us selling our home moving to Iowa, quitting the job that I had just completed school to get and two weeks later finding out that I was pregnant! It all worked out so beautifully.

Here I am 9 months along and 12 days ago my doctor said those 3 little words “any day now” I left that doctor’s office thinking yup today is the day. I went home cleaned my house top to bottom, stocked up on extra supplies, packed my hospital bag, the list goes on and on I may not be a big planner but I am completely OCD when it comes to having a clean house! Totally conflicting; I know but it makes me, me! Welp, 12 of the longest days ever have gone by and I’m still pregnant!! I was getting SO frustrated!! Like child don’t you understand that I need to have totally spotless kitchen floors for your arrival?? geeesh!!

Yesterday I woke up totally annoyed that I still haven’t gone into labor.  As I got ready for the day God spoke so clearly to me. “Patients…He will come when I am ready for him to come” WHAT…..DO YOU…….MEAN? I’m pretty sure his foot is going to pop out my mouth if he gets any bigger in there!! But then I began to think back to last year when we were almost certain we weren’t going to get another baby and how I would envy the women coming into the clinic I worked at with their big pregnant bellies or how I used to ask Zach to offer money to pregnante ladies I’d see at Target for their babies (He never was on board with that plan) and right there I decided to be patient in my wait, to enjoy the kicks that I’m feeling and the sleepless nights because he’s busy practicing karate in my belly. After all I did pray for this and God answered those prayers.

Today I woke up with like CRAZY energy!! I started cleaning house like a mad women. Half way through cleaning the bathrooms that I had just cleaned on monday I stopped. This wasn’t enjoying my day. So Rylee and I got ready and went to the Zoo instead. My feet were swollen and I was putting those penguins to shame with my waddle but I had an absolutely beautiful day with my daughter.

Who knows maybe I will go into labor today or it may still be a week. I have no idea all I know is that I’m going to enjoy these last few days of carrying around the baby for which we prayed for. After all I don’t have to rush to the hospital until my contractions are 5 minutes apart; that gives me plenty of time to re-scrub my floors 😉

Is God showing you how to work on your patience? If so I’d love to hear your story!!

-xo Ashley


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