Take Off Your Blinders

Hello Loves

Every night my family and I pray together before lying Rylee down to bed and lately we have been asking God to give us his eyes so we can see the people in need. SO often we walk around blinded and miss out on opportunities to help out a fellow neighbor. The bible says love thy neighbor, yet truth be told I find myself more often annoyed by thy neighbor :/….In our home we don’t watch the news I find it SO depressing that I can’t even stand the sound of it. Same goes for social media I randomly scroll through and see the headline for some horrible story and then there is always a dang image to go along with it! It drives me so crazy that my heart will actually ache and I quickly move on with my life trying to forget what I just saw. Well as we know if you pray the prayer God will answer.

Driving Rylee home from school I heard this amazing song by Matthew West “My Own Little World” in one of the lyrics he sings “And I turn off the news when I don’t like what I see, Yeah it’s easy when its population me” Ok ummm OUCH! It was like the Holy Spirit was right there sitting next to me going “hey Ash did you catch that?” The song really got me thinking. I turn off the news or scroll past those depressing articles because they make me sad. I’m not doing anything to help the situation just putting on my blinders and going along with my day. Talk about SELFISH!! I started to take a mental inventory on what really tugs at my heart. I came of with this list (they are in no particular order)

  • animals
  • kids
  • people with special needs

Now my list is a lot bigger but these are the 3 that really stand out to me. These are the three things that when I see or hear a sad story about them I instantly throw on my blinders because my heart can’t handle the pain. I have so much compassion for these three things yet I do NOTHING to help. That makes a world of sense right?

Well guys that’s about to end! I started brainstorming ways that I could help. One great way I found was when Zach and I attended a Michael W. Smith concert a few weeks back. A guy stood up on stage and started talking about Compassion International. It’s this amazing organization that you can sponsor a child through. I’ve heard these same speeches many times and my heart always feels pain for these children. Yet there I go blinders on and nothing done. Well not this time the guy speaking asked us to raise our hands if we wanted to sponsor a child,… I think my hand was the first one up! A volunteer came by and placed this packet in my hands and on the front was a picture of a 6-year-old little girl who was looking for a sponsor. She is from Haiti and the packet gave some information about her and her family. I don’t know all that much about Haiti besides they had a pretty bad earthquake a few years back. So I started doing some research and my heart sank. There are little to no jobs and often times little girls like Esther will be sold into sex trafficking for the family to make a profit, just thrown away like some object. I have a daughter Esthers age the thought of this takes my breath away. The thought of these humans being treated like nothing and sold for profit brings tears to my eyes as I write this. For practically pennies ($38 dollars a month) we are sponsoring this little girl. The money will not only benefit her but her local church as well. All we did was write out a check for $38 and we gave a little girl a chance to grow up knowing Jesus. That $38 dollars a month could save her life. This is just one small way that I can help. But, I know with God’s help I will find many more. I just needed to take of my blinders and see the world around me.

I would love if each one of you would ask God where he needs you today. What pulls at your heart? We all have special God-given talents, where can you use yours to make a difference?

-xo Ashley

If any of you would like to help out a child like Esther just click the link bellow!

God Bless



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