My Big Mouth

Hello Loves

WOAH! let me tell you; God has been working on my heart. AND being totally honest I have been fighting some of it. Lately he’s been putting it on my heart to write and I keep putting it off because I was mad at…drum roll please…MYSELF!

Why have I been mad at myself you ask? Well I have been reading this amazing book written by Joyce Meyer titled “Me and My Big Mouth” in the past I have struggled with being too quick to speak and slow to listen. It’s an area in my life that God has really been wrenching on. I felt that I was doing much better and God reassured me that indeed I was. But, our God is not one to leave a job unfinished. Over Christmas my mom had given me this big stack of Christian books and I was eager to get reading. I had them all laid out on the floor and prayed asking God to guide me to which book he wanted me to read first. Immediately I heard “Me and My Big Mouth” hmmmm, but ya know God I have been doing good in that area I think I’ll read….again in a clear voice God spoke “ME AND MY BIG MOUTH” okay okay okay message received.

So I began to read and WOW after only the first chapter I realised… I still have a BIG MOUTH 😦 in the book it explains what God views as big mouth and teaches how taming the tongue is a must in order to please God. After all the tongue is the gateway to our mind and our heart. As a christian I want to keep moving forward in my walk with Christ, I while back I prayed to God to teach me how to be bold and step out of my comfort zone and pray bold prayers. One of the boldest prayers I have had to say has been asking the holy spirit to bridle my tongue much like we bridle a horse before riding. The bridle is placed on the horse making us able to better lead the horse in the right direction. I realised that I too needed the Holy Spirit to guide my mouth in the right directions and to speak only pleasing words in Gods ears.

Holy CRAP is this hard!! How often as humans do we complain, because we are stuck in traffic or gossip about others or we judge harshly on those who do not live a life style we see fitting? Reading along I thought to myself ” so what if I say something harsh about a parent who choose drugs over their children or who cares if I spoke unkindly about someone who deliberately hurt their dog” (things that I often use unkind words about) But then God spoke to my heart, those unkind words towards individuals who choose to do the wrong thing can not change the situation. All it does is cause anger inside myself, hardening of my heart and to whoever I am speaking too. Same goes for gossiping. If I don’t agree with the things someone is doing in their life talking about with my best friend isn’t going to change anything in their life they will continue to live that way no matter how much I gossip about it. What I need to do is actively pray for those individuals, and trust that God will take care of the situation and that it is not my place to judge or speak harshly of their life style. Because I too am a sinner.

Talk about hard lesson!! However I know that with the right guidance I can train my tongue.

1 Peter 3:10 For “whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit”

I can’t speak for you (cheesy pun intended) but I know I desire to love life and see good days! I’m choosing to watch my tongue from this day forward!

-xo Ashley


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