Faith of a Mustard seed

Hello Loves

A while back I read a book that belonged to my grandpa, “Miracles can happen Today” by Pat Robertson in the book Pat wrote about how he had his life planned out and how God changed that plan, he wrote about how he followed God’s plan and at times it seemed crazy but he followed through and everything turned out better than he could have ever imagined his life to be. I was so inspired by his faith in God’s work and found myself wondering if I could posses that same faith….

As many of you know Zach works out of state, he has done this for years and it has been hard but we find creative ways to make it work. My friends have been there for Rylee and I in more ways than they will ever know as my anxiety can often get the best of me while he is away. Zach and I have had many talks about the future and what we will do in order to have him home every night. His job moves him around a lot so moving was never an option. Plus he currently works in Iowa, I was NO WAY in H-E double hockey sticks moving to the middle of a corn field. In the book I read Pat Robertson wrote about how God’s plan was far different than the plan he had for his life. I prayed God would give me the faith of Pat. Matthew 21:22 reads “if you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” 

A few weeks ago Zach came home and told me of a job opportunity that he received at work. Without hesitation I told him that if he got the promotion I would move to Iowa. What the heck were these words flowing from my mouth! Our next move we planned on either moving to the north shore or to the mountains see the pattern, rocks, hills, mountains, nature everything I love. But Iowa!!!! do they even have a lake? We prayed about this together and long story short our house goes up for sale tomorrow!

I prayed that God would give me the faith I was seeking and I swear I can feel His hand behind me guiding me to my next step. I’m sure He finds this necessary because if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be running for the hills. I mean Iowa….come on! His presence in my life over the past week has been amazingly overwhelming.

Words cannot express how happy I am to have my husband home every night for dinner. I will no longer need to lay in bed crying because our only conversation that day consisted of a quick “I love you beautiful” text in the morning and if I am lucky a brief 3 minute phone conversation at night because he was so busy working so hard for our family that was all he had time for.

As excited as I am I can’t help but feel sad about the friends I’m leaving behind in Minnesota. God has made me aware however that a friend through Him is a friend forever and I know that he wouldn’t lead me this far if he didn’t have every detail planned. I know they will be with me always. And now I’m crying gessshhhh!

I encourage you all to be bold, pray for a faith stronger than you have ever known. You too may be surprised where God takes you but if any of you get called to the mountains I may be sitting in my cornfield feeling a tad jealous!! 😉

-xo Ashley


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