My Fairytale wasn’t easy

Hello Lovely’s

My journey to my life today began in the 4th grade. That is when I first laid eyes on a blonde hair, blue eyed boy that today I call my husband. Sounds like the begining of a cheesy love movie right? boy is that WRONG. I had the biggest crush on Zach and in the 6th grade my dreams had come true. He asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND! only to dump me a week later because my pants were too short and I weighed about as much as his left leg (pretty I know). This was the first break up in a LOOOOONG LOOOOOOOONG list of break ups. We were basically a real life Ross Geller and Rachel Green. In fact I’m almost certain we had the “we were on a BREAK” fight. I could go into every break up but that would take a life time and frankly I can’t remember them all….yup it was that bad.

Now that you have a good grasp of what our history looked like it will help you to understand our relationship today, it is rock solid baby! We have literally been through everything, I mean everything and at the end of the day I look at him and think to myself “Damn girl you did good picking this one.” A while back I had no intentions of getting married anytime soon then one day ( July 4th 2013) after many MANY talks with my bestest it hit me like a fat guy in an out of control wheel chair, why in the heck haven’t I married the man who has been there for me through every EVERY crazy stage of my life. The man who has watched me push a baby out of my lady area, the man who stopped every 20+ minutes in a car ride because I had to poop (unknown gluten allergy) the man who loves me no matter how stubborn and thick headed I am, the man who loves not only me but our daughter more than he would ever love himself. It hit me just like that! So I got in my car drove two and a half hours to where he was staying and told him I wanted to marry him on the condition that he gives me a real proposal 🙂 His reply ” It’s about time” then kissed me on the head and a few weeks later we were engaged. I seriously think that day God yelled down from heaven Hallelujah she finally pulled her head out of her a** Here he blessed me with this totally awesome guy and I was to stubborn to see it.

Throughout those years of ups and downs and after many long talks with my bestest I learned a lot about myself and I learned many things that I wish I would have known sooner…

  1. Love is not like the movies or steamy TV shows nor is it like those country songs you say you hate but you actually love. it’s all fake FAKE I say. Love is real and it hurts and it’s hard but if you have the right person by your side the chaos is beautiful!
  2. you’ve all heard the saying “don’t go to bed mad” that’s complete crap! Sometimes I need a good night sleep to calm myself down but, before I fall asleep I tell myself that tomorrow is a new day and make the choice to make it a better one. Life’s way to0 short to be mad about the same thing for more than a day.
  3. TALK! I was a great one for holding everything in until one day it would all blow out of me like lava. I made the decison to talk about what was making me upset right away and it’s made a world of difference. But, I don’t nag that’s just annoying. Guys have selective hearing so I make what I’m saying count!
  4. Most importantly I learned that God loves me and wants me to be happy in my relationship. I wasn’t ashamed when I discovered that a big reason for my unhappiness was myself. In fact it was refreshing because I’m the only one in control of myself and I chose to fix the problem and live happily.
  5. OH and I learned how to support Zach. I truly believe that in a marriage a man’s success has a lot to do with the women by his side. With that he also supports me, every crazy wild dream I come up with he encourages me. His dream of owning his own company is probably more realistic than my dream of becoming a monster truck driving pilot who flys the world feeding starving children and rescuing animals but hey he supports it!

I learned to pray about everything! If I feel something is off in our relationship I pray about it right away. I even pray that before something is off that I can fix it before a problem ever arises. I tried for years navigating my love life on my own and that lead to A LOT of mishaps and heartaches that could have been avoided if I just would have taken the time to pray!

I know our marriage isn’t perfect but, we have overcome almost every obstacle imaginable and we made it through. Today I love him more than the day I first laid eyes on him in that 4th grade hallway.

Finding Grace is a beautiful thing.


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