Finding Grace

Hello Lovely

I want to start my introducing myself, my name is Ashley. I have a beautiful daughter Rylee Grace (you’ll read lots about her) age 5 and my furry pitbull baby Titan. I was married in October of 2015 to my smoking hot husband Zach. I’m currently a student in the medical assisting program. I love outdoors and adventure! I want to see the world that God created for us!

A instructor of mine urged me to start my own blog apparently she finds me whitey and charming 🙂 and my life experiences quite amusing…I’m not a shy person by any means and I have no problem telling people about my mishaps in life. I too was once young and dumb. So I figured why not give it a go!

I decided to focus my blog on how I’ve come to the place in my life that I am today. I have a beautiful family, loving husband and a soon to be college degree. Mush mush, gush, sappy blah! Not many people want to read about someone’s “perfect” life. I want to tell you about all the mistakes, tears, laughs and back-roads I took that somehow landed me with this, in my eyes awesome life I’m living today.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey as much as I enjoy living every crazy moment of it.

This is how I found Grace.


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