I’m Confident, I Think?

Gosh, how many times have you been faced with a decision and you pray and ponder for hours. Then you finally reach a conclusion only to find that you should have choose the chocolate sundae over the dipped cone.... Ok, so maybe it was a bigger choice. But you get the idea. A few months … Continue reading I’m Confident, I Think?


Let it Go

One major part of my quest this year is to simplify my life. This means de-cluttering my home (even more) organizing what is important and not stressing over the little things. I feel in doing this it will allow me more free time to focus on perusing the desires God has placed on my heart. … Continue reading Let it Go

My Quest

This year I did not make a resolution. Instead I made a quest. I have always had an urge in my heart to run. I've never felt content. I'm always searching for the next big change. Living with this urge I have often thought that something was wrong with me, I always felt I was … Continue reading My Quest